Beaujolais Nouveau to Cru

Welcome to the Crus of Beaujolais. From the bright and delicate Nouveau to the dark and delicious crus of St. Amour and Chenas. Discover the glories that wait for you over the hill from Burgundy.

Wine for Spicy Food

What wine to serve with a spicy dish? Does it always have to be Reisling? Let’s explore together and share what we learn!

We will explore what makes this such a difficult pairing and how to get creative with your wine selections. during this class we will serve a small tasting of thai and mexican food.

Why do I like this wine? A class in palate and preference. Red Wine

How many times have you gone out, had a fantastic wine and had no idea why you liked it?

The point of this class is to break down major categories and flavors of wine. First and foremost we want to help you understand why you like the wines you like and how to find them again.

We will be trying wines and discussing the major characteristics from a consumer viewpoint. We will also discuss how to communicate that to be sure you get something you enjoy.

Ultimately it will give you tools to hone your palate and start your exploration.

Sweet Compulsions: Dessert Wines

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.” -Plautus

Exotic, luscious and delicate. There are many roads to the intoxicating indolic sweetness of the most famous dessert wines. We will highlight some of the superstars and maybe introduce you to some that you havent tried yet.

Spanish Sippers

Join us for a relaxing and fun exploration of the warm spicy wines of Spain.

We will cover the major wines that Spain is so famous for. Maybe you’ll find a favorite for a chilly winter night!

Sparkling Celebration

Champagne is Champagne. The region and the wine are synonymous with luxury and refinement. There will definitely be Champagne on the menu but there is a world of sparkling outside the confines of Epernay and Rheims. Let’s take a look at champagne method sparklings from around the world and how glorious they can be.

Due to the higher cost of Champagnes the ticket price for this class will be slightly higher.