Chateau de Angles and the sunny south of France

From the Médoc to the Languedoc… not such a great leap after all for Eric and Christine Fabre in 2001, in their search for a high quality terroir in the South of France. Both from winemaking families, their intuition lead them to the terroir of La Clape… and straight to Château d’Anglès. Eric Fabre’s wealth of experience, including eight years as technical director at Château Lafite Rothschild, enabled him to overcome the considerable challenges awaiting them. Restructuring the vineyard was high priority in order to balance the assembly of traditional grape varieties

Dealu Mare and Davino

The region of the Dealu Mare may very well be one of the next shining lights of the wine world. With a microclimate that blends the advantages of Alsace and Bordeaux.  

Romanian wine culture in this region has placed regional authenticity and developing a local palette above an “international” style to stunning effect. 

Wine for Spicy Food

What wine to serve with a spicy dish? Does it always have to be Reisling? Let’s explore together and share what we learn!

We will explore what makes this such a difficult pairing and how to get creative with your wine selections. during this class we will serve a small tasting of thai and mexican food.

Escape to Australia

Leave behind the chill and journey down under.

We will explore Australias most important growing regions and hopefully you’ll find some new favorites!

Whites for the cellar

Everyone talks about aging reds. When do they peak? Why does one wine age well and another poorly.

But what about white wine? The general idea is to drink them as young as possible in most cases. But what about a white wine that is bult to be aged and enjoyed as it matures and grows. Let’s find out!

Spanish Sippers

Join us for a relaxing and fun exploration of the warm spicy wines of Spain.

We will cover the major wines that Spain is so famous for. Maybe you’ll find a favorite for a chilly winter night!

Southern Comfort; Chile

““I grew up in this town, my poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber, it steeped itself in the forests.” – Pablo Neruda

The variety of geography and weather in Chile is nothing short of astounding!  This ecological wonderland allows for an almost endless variey and abundance of grapes to harvest. Learn how the worlds most famous grapes are grown here and about the new paths being broken!

Why do I like this wine? A class in palate and preference: White Wine

How many times have you gone out, had a fantastic wine and had no idea why you liked it?

The point of this class is to break down major categories and flavors of wine. First and foremost we want to help you understand why you like the wines you like and how to find them again.

We will be trying a series of wines and discussing the major characteristics from a consumer viewpoint. We will also discuss how to communicate to be sure you get something you enjoy.

Ultimately it will give you tools to hone your palate and start your exploration.

Lord of the Grapes; New Zealand

“New Zealand is not a small country but a large village.” Peter Jackson

New Zealand has an unbelievable ecological and geographical richness. This allows an incredible variety of grapes and flavours. It’s not just Sauvignon Blanc anymore!

Re discover Greece

Greece is a cradle of art, history and yes…wine!  Join us to learn about the new dedication to terroir and the expression of native varieties!

Lets explore and find some new favorites!