Meet the Wine Maker: Megan Hughes from Barnard Griffin

Barnard Griffin was one of the original trail blazers for wine in Washington. Their classic and regionally specific wines created a big impact on the american wine landscape. They broke ground on new grape varieties and wine styles. 

Megan is the new generation of this esteemed winery. She is a vibrant new voice from one of the most respected families in wine. Don’t miss the chance to meet her.

It’s all Greek to me: Athenee importers

Greece is known as one of the cradles of modern civilization. A starting point for so many elements of our cultural conversation. It has however lagged a bit in the wine conversation.

Well no more. Come discover what is wonderful and intrinsically “Greek” about wine from this wonderful country. Exploration of bio diversity and climate has resulted in perfect pairings of grape and ground, as well as a new found sensitiivity and lightness of touch in the wine making that yields an amazing and authentic flavor.

It’s not just canals: Veneto

The Veneto is an incredible region to explore. From the crisp wines of Lugana to the richness and incredible process story of Amarone di Valpolicella.

Join us to explore this region and maybe find a few new favorites.

Why do I like this wine? A class in palate and preference. Red Wine

How many times have you gone out, had a fantastic wine and had no idea why you liked it?

The point of this class is to break down major categories and flavors of wine. First and foremost we want to help you understand why you like the wines you like and how to find them again.

We will be trying wines and discussing the major characteristics from a consumer viewpoint. We will also discuss how to communicate that to be sure you get something you enjoy.

Ultimately it will give you tools to hone your palate and start your exploration.

Paso and California’s new classic region

Big! Bold! Earthy!

All the things that people love about Paso Robles wines are gifts from the soil and the climate.

We will look at what has made Paso the new go to….and not just for Cabernet!

Loire Valley: The Ocean of Grapes

The Loire Valley is home to some of the most luxurious wines in France. Names like Sancerre and Chinon are known worlwide and rightly so. Join us as we explore this beautiful generous region and taste the wines that have made it so famous.