Southern Comfort; Chile

““I grew up in this town, my poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber, it steeped itself in the forests.” – Pablo Neruda

The variety of geography and weather in Chile is nothing short of astounding!  This ecological wonderland allows for an almost endless variey and abundance of grapes to harvest. Learn how the worlds most famous grapes are grown here and about the new paths being broken!

Meet Ariana Negru from Petro Vaselo

Experience an exciting new winery from one of the most dynamic wine regions in Romania. If you are a fan of Burgundy this one is for you! Help us welcome Ariana to Chicago. 

Please take this opportunity to be introduced to a brand new region by someone who knows it by heart. We are so excited to have Ariana join us to share these beautiful wines!

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrive

Beaujolais Nouveau is a traditional jewel of the french (and now world) release schedule. It is a breath of spring in the darkest time of year. Light but soft and ebulliant, the nouveau is the purest form of the fruit. It is a celebration of everything we love about wine in it’s youngest most exciting form.

Join us as we taste this year’s primeur as well as a selection of Cru Beaujolais to show how the nouveau grows up and becomes the luscious distinctive wine of the premium Chateaux. Mommesin is a stunning and fresh interpretation of the nouveau. Every year they use the most gentle process and native yeast to gently and fully express the terroir and jus.

Supply is very limited so if you are interested in pre ordering please send an email response with contact information.

Beaujolais Nouveau to Cru

Welcome to the Crus of Beaujolais. From the bright and delicate Nouveau to the dark and delicious crus of St. Amour and Chenas. Discover the glories that wait for you over the hill from Burgundy.


Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a person was stirring….Cause they were with their friends at J9!  Come join us on Wednesday night and bring some of your favorite people! We will have delicious bottle specials and treats to help you celebrate or relax before all the excitement. 

Wine for Spicy Food

What wine to serve with a spicy dish? Does it always have to be Reisling? Let’s explore together and share what we learn!

We will explore what makes this such a difficult pairing and how to get creative with your wine selections. during this class we will serve a small tasting of thai and mexican food.

Yacoubian/Hobbes and Armenian Wonders

Welcome to the cradle of winemaking. For 6000 years these grapes have been nurtured and developed into delicious wine. It’s a shame so few people have experienced these stunning creation. 

Hobbes wines has made an amazing partnership and investment in the region to correct this. Please come discover a region as old as any in the world but  probably new to you!

Why do I like this wine? A class in palate and preference. Red Wine

How many times have you gone out, had a fantastic wine and had no idea why you liked it?

The point of this class is to break down major categories and flavors of wine. First and foremost we want to help you understand why you like the wines you like and how to find them again.

We will be trying wines and discussing the major characteristics from a consumer viewpoint. We will also discuss how to communicate that to be sure you get something you enjoy.

Ultimately it will give you tools to hone your palate and start your exploration.

Pre Hanukkaa party with Jezreel Valley Winery

Just a few days before we light our first candles we would love to welcome you to an evening of beautiful Israeli wines. 

Come on in and taste some great wine from the Jezreel valley. Play some dredl and enjoy yourself!

Sunny Languedoc and Chateaux St. Eulalie

Château Ste. Eulalie is located in the Minervois region of France’s Languedoc, midway between Narbonne and the Medieval town of Carcassonne. The snowy peaks of the Pyrenees can be seen on the horizon and Narbonne and the Mediterranean lie 45 minutes to the south. The estate is comprised of 34 hectares on terraces 200 meters above the town of La Livinière. Long regarded as the finest section of Minervois, La Livinière has now been recognized as an official “Cru de Languedoc” and is entitled to its own appellation.